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Scentsy Parties are a great way
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Join Scentsy in April and Get HUGE Benefits!
Join Scentsy in April and Get HUGE Benefits!

Why Choose Scentsy?  What can I earn? A new lifestyle. Choose your hours, be your own boss, and enliven your world with...

Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy!
Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy!

Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy! 1.You can be yourself! No fancy clothes or expensive cars needed – just your sparkling...

What Our Members Are Saying

Congratulations on being a finalist for our 2012 Shining Star Award. We are truly grateful for the example you set to your team, the consultants in Canada and the entire Scentsy family
Always present with training, advice, encouragement on every level, Sherri is a true team leader…everything that Sherri does is for the success of her downline not herself. I know I would not have achieved the success in Scentsy that I have had to date had it not been for Sherri’s leadership and guidance.
Sherri is a very exceptional team leader. She is very compassionate and caring about her down line always making sure that everyone has everything they need for a very successful business.
You’re an amazing leader and keep us all motivated and want to keep doing better with Scentsy. You have a great approach to people and leading
Sherri is a bright and shining person and I am a Scentsy consultant because of Sherri…we have never had to go it alone because of Sherri and her love for us and her love for Scentsy.
If it hadn’t of been for Sherri I would not be a consultant…Sherri is super outgoing, always positive and makes an amazing leader…I am so proud and happy that she is the leader of my team.
You organizational skills are over the top. You are so perfect for the path you chose
I wish you were my boss at my day job.
I really appreciate the time that you spent setting her (new consultant) up, you are so helpful.
I really feel like part of a team.
Orville and Heidi ThompsonOwners
Val M.Director
Deen A.Director
Elisa S.
D Green
B. HuffmanDirector
Tammy M

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