Scented Candles

Scented Candles

You will find plenty of articles out there today regarding the dangers of scented candles, so why are you still buying them? When you do some comparisons on traditional candles and wax warmers, you will see that the benefits of using a warmer to melt scented wax far outweigh that of burning a candle. If you are interested in Scentsy products, you should know all of the facts so that you can make an informed decision prior to making purchases that will be used inside your home around your family and your pets.

Scentsy Is Safe

Everyone loves to enjoy a good fragrance but it is equally as important that you are doing everything possible to use products in your home that are safe. Wax melts are a wonderful way to bring fresh fragrance into your home without the dangers that come from having an open flame. In addition to the fire hazard that a candle poses, you will also have the dangers of hot wax that spills as well as the soot that many candles are known to put out into the air that you breath.

No Harmful VOCs

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds – but what this means is the tendency of the substance to evaporate into the air. There are some products out there that will contain harmful VOCs, like formaldehyde. You can feel confident knowing that all of the Scentsy products are free of formaldehyde as well as any other dangerous chemicals.

EPA Compliance

All of the fragrance products that Scentsy sells have been specially formulated as well as tested to be in full compliance with all regulations set forth by the EPA. Also, you can feel good about knowing that the wax melts and other products are also made only using the finest, safest ingredients. All of the fragrances are made with both natural and synthetic ingredients that are completely safe while bringing you a wide range of scentful experiences.

No Soot

Unlike traditional scented candles, you will never have any soot produced when you use Scentsy warmers and wax. Nothing is being burned – it is that simple. Once the square from your bar has been melted and it eventually loses scent, all you have to do is let it cool to harden and then remove or you can carefully pour out the wax and wipe out the excess with a paper towel.

With scented candles, there are many potential risks of it being tipped over or a pet’s tail wagging into the flame. Your potential for danger goes down a great deal when you use Scentsy wax warmers in your home. There are also countless fragrance combinations that you can choose from and the warmers are beautifully crafted to fit in with just about any style décor for the home or office. Sherri Lupton is your Independent Scentsy Consultant whenever you want to learn more about the benefits of using Scentsy warmers instead of traditional candles for filling your home with incredible fragrance. Whether you want to buy warmers for yourself or for someone as a gift, you will see that there are many wonderful things from making such a scentful decision.

Scented Candles
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