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Scentsy Wickless Candles (now in Canada too) are unique wax scent systems WITHOUT the wick! Ceramic warmers melt a Scentsy wax bar using a low watt light bulb and release delicious scents in to the air. Using a Scentsy warmer removes the need for a wick, therefore completely removing the fire hazard of a burning candle. Melting the specially formulated Scentsy wax bars instead of burning them extends the life of the scent too!

The Scentsy wickless system lets you enjoy the scent of candles without the fire risk and at a lower cost!!

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Scentsy Canada Warmers use a 15 or 25 watt bulb to warm the wax until it is just above the melting point at which time the beautiful scent is released in to the air . The Scentsy wax has a melting point slightly above body temperature so even if you touch the melted wax, it WILL NOT BURN YOU, making it a wonderful product if you have children or pets. For those of us who forget things from time to time, Scentsy is the perfect way to have a great smelling home…no need to remember to blow out candles, therefore completely eliminating any risk of home fires.

Scentsy wax bars are available in OVER 80 DIFFERENT SCENTS! Scentsy wax lasts longer and smells better than any traditional candles and are more economical. All of our scents are also available in Scentsy Room Sprays and hanging Scent Circles. Many of our most popular scents are available in Scentsy Travel Tins and Scent Paks so you can take your favourite scent with you wherever you go. Our Scentsy Buddies are an adorable collection of soft, cuddly stuffed animals with a zipped pocket for a Scent Pak. Now we have Scentsy products for all ages!

Save $$$ and Safer Compared to Regular Candles

I started out liking Scentsy Canada products because of the SAFETY, but ended up loving them because of the amazing scents and beautiful, decorative warmers.

Over a year’s time, a Scentsy Warmer and wax will save you easily over $100 when you compare the prices to jarred candles. Because the wax is NOT BURNED, the Scentsy wax keeps its scent for 50 – 80 hours per bar!!

When all of the scent has been released in to the air from the wax, simply pour the melted wax out, wipe the dish and start with another bar. No more blackened jars to throw out. In the new movement to reduce waste you can use your Scentsy warmer over and over again and add to the décor of your room at the same time!

There are so many Scentsy Canada warmers to choose from, you could have a different warmer in every room of your home and for every season of the year! Scentsy warmers also come in different sizes making them suitable for every area of your home or Recreational Vehicle.

When you melt Scentsy wax, it is only being warmed enough to release the scent, NOT to burn the wax and wick. As traditional candles burn, the wick and wax are released in to the air of your home…in to the air you breathe.

How nice would it be for you to enjoy all the scents you love and know that you are not inhaling anything but the scent? Imagine your friends and family coming to visit and commenting on how great your home smells?

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There are so many ways to get Scentsy Products in Canada! You can buy them online right now (click here), call me at (604) 858-5772 or (604) 819-9577 or email me at

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Too busy to host a scent event in your home? Why not try one of our unique Basket Parties? I will provide you with mini Scent Testers, catalogues and order forms that you can easily take along with you to share with your family and friends. Simply collect up orders and earn ALL the same Hostess Rewards!

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